Visualize Complex Processes with Microsoft Visio Book Review

Posted: August 15, 2023  |  Categories: Other

I always love Microsoft Visio to create my Enterprise Integration documentation. That passion led me to create the Microsoft Integration and Azure Stencils Pack for Visio a Visio package that contains fully resizable Visio shapes (symbols/icons) that will help you to visually represent On-premise, Cloud or Hybrid Integration and Enterprise architectures scenarios (BizTalk Server, API Management, Logic Apps, Service Bus, Event Hub…), solutions diagrams and features or systems that use Microsoft Azure and related cloud and on-premises technologies in Visio. Most of you may know me for being a Microsoft Azure MVP, where my focus is Enterprise Integration, but I’m also a former Visio MVP. All of this just to say that I had expectations high for this book!

To be honest, based on the title of this book: Visualize Complex Processes with Microsoft Visio, I was expecting different content with more real cases and complex scenarios explained in detail, different implementation strategies, and advanced designing tips. But I soon realized that the book would guide me differently. Did I get disappointed with the book? No. I choose the book by the name without reading the description and table of content. And I cannot criticize a book just for its title or for my mistakes. In fact, I was surprised by how many small things I have learned from this book.

For me, this book is an excellent guide for professionals seeking to learn or enhance their Visio skills, not to design complex processes. Nevertheless, the authors will give you some best practices to archive that. The book will guide you to the different types of diagrams and different types of Visio versions. Of course, how to work with Visio and how you can manually create your flow diagrams. How to utilize data sources, share (security include) or collaborate, and integrate Visio with Microsoft Apps or /and BPMN.

In resume, I enjoyed the book, and I will recommend it to anyone seeking to learn or enhance their Visio skills.

Visualize Complex Processes with Microsoft Visio Book Description

Every business has process flows, but not all of them are fully described to or verified for accuracy with each stakeholder. This not only presents a risk for business continuity but also removes the ability to make insightful improvements. To make these complex interactions easy to grasp, it’s important to describe these processes visually using symbology that everybody understands. Different parts of these flows should be collaboratively developed and stored securely as commercial collateral.

Visualize Complex Processes with Microsoft Visio helps you understand why it is crucial to use a common, systematic approach to document the steps needed to meet each business requirement. This book explores the various process flow templates available in each edition of Microsoft Visio, including BPMN. It also shows you how to use them effectively with the help of tips and techniques and examples to reduce the time required for creating them, as well as how you can improve their integration and presentation.

By the end of this book, you’ll have mastered the skills needed to create data-integrated business flowcharts with Microsoft Visio, learned how to effectively use these diagrams collaboratively, but securely, and understood how to integrate them with other M365 apps, including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Power Automate.

What you will learn

  • Choose an appropriate flowchart diagram type to describe the process steps.
  • Develop the skills to efficiently use Visio to draw process flowcharts.
  • Discover how to create process flows diagrams to meet the BPMN standard.
  • Find out how to synchronize Excel tables with Visio process flowcharts.
  • Store flowcharts that can also be used for collaboration securely.
  • Understand how to export flowcharts and data to other M365 apps.
  • Discover how Visio ShapeSheet functions can increase productivity.

Who is this book for

Suppose you’re a manager, analyst, or designer of business processes. In that case, this book will help you create professional process diagrams effectively and consistently to improve the accuracy of communication and facilitate impactful insights. This book will also be helpful for beginners or power users seeking tips and techniques to capture process flows from context and customize diagrams to meet academic and corporate standards.

Author: Sandro Pereira

Sandro Pereira lives in Portugal and works as a consultant at DevScope. In the past years, he has been working on implementing Integration scenarios both on-premises and cloud for various clients, each with different scenarios from a technical point of view, size, and criticality, using Microsoft Azure, Microsoft BizTalk Server and different technologies like AS2, EDI, RosettaNet, SAP, TIBCO etc. He is a regular blogger, international speaker, and technical reviewer of several BizTalk books all focused on Integration. He is also the author of the book “BizTalk Mapping Patterns & Best Practices”. He has been awarded MVP since 2011 for his contributions to the integration community.

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