Apr 11

Deleting A Logic App Without Log Analytics Configured? Export Run Details For Preservation And A...

Sometimes, companies face the need to delete important Logic Apps but need to retain detailed information about their runs Especially when Log Analytics isn't

By Luis Rigueira

Apr 5

Friday Fact: Workflow and Trigger expressions can help monitor your Logic Apps.

Indeed, simplicity often proves to be the most effective approach This holds true, particularly in the context of using the workflow expression alongside the

By Luis Rigueira

Mar 29

Friday Fact: Azure Logic Apps Supports Both Dot and Bracket Notations

Azure Logic Apps offers a flexible and first-class experience for you to access data within JSON structures The most common way to access it is using tokens

By Luis Rigueira

Mar 8

Friday Fact: Logic Apps don’t interpret escaped characters as plain text, even inside a str...

In the realm of Logic Apps, the treatment of escaped characters differs from handling plain text Let's look into a scenario were understanding special

By Luis Rigueira

Mar 1

Friday Fact: When a HTTP Request is Received trigger can accept more http methods other than POST

Diving into Logic Apps, it's a common oversight to assume that only POST requests can be use when using the "When a HTTP request is received" trigger However,

By Luis Rigueira

Feb 23

Friday Fact: Parallel branching in Logic Apps enables asynchronous execution of multiple tasks si...

Parallel branching is a concept utilized in various workflow automation systems, including Logic Apps, to enhance the efficiency and flexibility of task

By Luis Rigueira

Oct 3

Microsoft Integration and Azure Stencils Pack for Visio: New version available (v8.0.1)

In my previous update, I discussed my intention to release a new major version of my stencils However, I've opted for a gradual approach, releasing minor

By Sandro Pereira

Sep 8

Join me at BizTalk to Azure -The Migration Journey event | September 28, 2023 | Gothenburg, Sweden

I'm thrilled to be back doing a presential event after INTEGRATE 2023! And I'm excited to return to Gothenburg and Sweden after seven years! It has been so

By Sandro Pereira

Jul 7

Thanks! Awarded as Microsoft Azure MVP 2023-2024

And the most expected email arrived once again on July 6th I'm delighted to share that I was renewed as a Microsoft Azure MVP (Microsoft Most Valuable

By Sandro Pereira

Jun 16

How to Create an Integration Account Project in Visual Studio 2019

An Integration Account allows you to build Logic Apps with enterprise B2B capabilities by adding various necessary artifacts It serves as a central

By Sandro Pereira

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