Feb 21

Remove XML Empty Nodes Pipeline Component

Another day, another BizTalk Server Pipeline Component! Today, I decided to release a brand new component called the Remove XML Empty Nodes Pipeline

By Sandro Pereira

Feb 20

Send File To a Date-Based Structure Encoder Pipeline Component

Time to get back to BizTalk Server and publish new resources on this amazing product and also return to one of my old pet projects: the BizTalk Pipeline

By Sandro Pereira

Feb 7

BizTalk Server to Azure Integration Services: How do we migrate Dynamic Ports?

Welcome again to another BizTalk Server to Azure Integration Services blog post In my previous blog post, I discussed how to send zipped messages or files

By Sandro Pereira

Feb 5

BizTalk Server to Azure Integration Services: Validate XML messages before executing the business...

Welcome again to another BizTalk Server to Azure Integration Services blog post, this time on my personal blog post Today, we will address a common scenario

By Sandro Pereira

Jan 29

My Journey at the INTEGRATE Conference and why should you attend this event

INTEGRATE 2024 was recently announced, and although we still don't have a list of speakers, I'm super excited about it The event will occur between 10 &

By Sandro Pereira

Jan 26

Friday Fact: Is BizTalk Server dead? Hell, no!

This will probably be one of the most polemic Friday Facts, but this topic brings miss feelings depending on who you are On the other hand, I work in both

By Sandro Pereira

Jan 25

BizTalk Server error: BizTalk Server cannot access SQL Server

A client called me this week to help with their BizTalk Server production environment BizTalk was not running, and they needed to know the reason why Quickly,

By Sandro Pereira

Nov 24

BizTalk Server FTP issue: The FTP server did not accept a FTP command for an unexpected reason.

This is not the first time I have worked with the FTP adapter Almost all my clients have a File transfer solution, and FTP is used in many of them But today

By Sandro Pereira

Oct 20

BizTalk Server deployment: The database or the database version is incompatible with the installe...

Errors rarely appear alone; from time to time, it's as if a project is determined to challenge you But I find it rather enjoyable It offers me inspiration and

By Sandro Pereira

Oct 19

BizTalk Server deployment: Access to the path is denied.

It is always fun to return to one of my favorite topics: Errors and warnings, causes and solutions – aka Troubleshooting! Regardless of the technology,

By Sandro Pereira

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