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Sandro Pereira

Oct 6

Pro Mapping in BizTalk Server 2009 Book Review

While I’m waiting for the new BizTalk books that I referred earlier in this post, I decided to review an “old book”: Pro Mapping In BizTalk Server 2009

By Sandro Pereira

Oct 5

Quick Tip – BizTalk Mapper and Hidden Links

Hidden links can sometimes cause your map to behave in unexpected ways! If this occurs, always check out the compiler-generated links to make sure that he

By Sandro Pereira

Sep 23

BizTalk Server 2010 Documenter available on CodePlex

Nigel Bachmann just added a new version of BizTalk Documenter: BizTalk Server 2010 Documenter and update the existing version BizTalk 2006 Documenter The

By Sandro Pereira

Sep 20

Passed BizTalk 2010 Exam (70-595)

I was planning for a quite a while to update my BizTalk certification, finally, I did it! Today I passed the BizTalk 2010 Exam – 70-595 (TS: Developing

By Sandro Pereira

Sep 19

2º Evento de Aniversário da Comunidade NetPonto (2 anos!) | 24 de Setembro de 2011 – Lisboa

For the BizTalk Portuguese Community, I will present a session about maps: “BizTalk Mapper: How maps work in BizTalk Server 2010“ in the next NetPonto

By Sandro Pereira

Sep 16

Five BizTalk Server 2010 Books you must have

I started this post with a series of 5 BizTalk books you must have… Now I have to rectify to Five BizTalk Server 2010 Books you must have + 1 (BizTalk

By Sandro Pereira

Sep 6

BizTalk Server 2010 – List of Known Issues and solutions with Setup and Configuration (Part 2)

The following are the known issues in BizTalk Server 2010: Known Issues with Setup and Configuration Issue: BizTalk Server installation may not launch

By Sandro Pereira

Sep 5

BizTalk Server 2010 – List of Known Issues and Solutions (Part 1)

The following are the known issues in BizTalk Server 2010: Known Issues with Orchestration Issue: When redeploying an existing Orchestration solution,

By Sandro Pereira

Sep 4

BizTalk 2010: BizTalk Server Application Service (BTSNTSvc.exe) fails to start automatically afte...

After rebooting the operating system BizTalk Server 2010 services, in my case: “BizTalk Service BizTalk Group: BizTalkServerApplication” fails to start

By Sandro Pereira

Sep 1

Cumulative Update Package 2 for BizTalk Server 2010 and for BizTalk Adapter Pack 2010 are available

Microsoft just releases two cumulative update packages for BizTalk Server 2010! Cumulative update package 2 for BizTalk Server 2010 This cumulative

By Sandro Pereira
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