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Sandro Pereira

Nov 22

BizTalk Summit 2013 – London | 16th January 2013 – London, England

After conducting this event across various major European cities: Amsterdam (Netherland), Milan (Italy), and Stavanger (Norway) since Feb 2011, it is really

By Sandro Pereira

Nov 15

Failed to add resource(s). Resource (…) is already in store and is either associated with another...

One of my team members that are making some changes to a project that I started, called me saying that he was having problems in deploying the project

By Sandro Pereira

Nov 12

My latest MSDN/TechNet Activities

In the last couple of months, I have written and edited a number of wiki articles for TechNet Wiki The TechNet Wiki is a place, where content is generated by

By Sandro Pereira

Nov 8

BizTalk Mapper Patterns: How to Map Name Value Pair to a Hierarchical Schema

In my last mapping pattern post, I explained how and described the pros and cons of four methods to accomplish a mapping from hierarchical schema to a

By Sandro Pereira

Nov 6

BizTalk Server 2013 Beta Released

There’s a new page in BizTalk Server history which began in 2000, since yesterday the eighth version of the product, still, in beta version, BizTalk Server

By Sandro Pereira

Nov 5

New release of BizTalk Mapper Extensions UtilityPack for BizTalk Server 2010

Exciting news… there’s a new release of “BizTalk Mapper Extensions UtilityPack” with new functoids but before talking about them there is another

By Sandro Pereira

Oct 28

BizTalk Mapper Patterns: How to Map Hierarchical Schema to a Name Value Pair

In this new mapping pattern, I want to show you how can you transform a hierarchical schema into a Name/Value Pair record The first thing we need to know

By Sandro Pereira

Oct 13

Monitor your BizTalk environment using PowerShell – SQL Agent Jobs Monitoring

One of the principal needs for BizTalk Administrators is the ability to monitor the health of BizTalk environments and react promptly to possible problems, you

By Sandro Pereira

Oct 11

Bouvet BizTalk Innovation Event – The story

Last month I held a presentation at the Bouvet BizTalk Innovation Event (26 - 27 September) along with fellow MVPs: Steef-Jan Wiggers, Nino Crudele, Saravana

By Sandro Pereira

Oct 1

Artigo “BizTalk360 uma ferramenta de suporte e monitorização para a plataforma BizTalk Server” na...

For the BizTalk Portuguese Community, I publish an article call “BizTalk360 a monitoring and support tool for BizTalk Server platform” on the Magazine

By Sandro Pereira

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