Nov 15

Announcing Logic App Consumption Copilot

I initially called this tool Logic App Consumption DevBuddy, but then my dear friend Mike Stephenson told me that I should call it Copilot, and I liked the

By Sandro Pereira

Jul 31

Logic App Consumption: Send Query Reports from Log Analytics Workspace

In this blog post and tutorial, what we pretend to do is to create a Logic App, in this case, a Logic App Consumption, that sends reports through Log

By Sandro Pereira

May 15

How to create a Logic App Consumption Visual Studio project

Unfortunately, until this date, there isn't available an Azure Logic Apps Tools for Visual Studio Extension for Visual Studio 2022, which means that we still

By Sandro Pereira

Mar 23

Logic Apps and DocuSign integration (Part II) – Archiving the signed document

In my last blog post - Logic Apps and DocuSign integration - I explain how you can create and dynamically populate a contract using an HTTP input and then use

By Sandro Pereira

Mar 3

How to get the Error Message with Logic App Try-Catch (Part III) – Using a generic Logic App

A few months ago, I wrote two blog posts about How to get the Error Message with Logic App Try-Catch, which you can find it here: How to get the Error

By Sandro Pereira

Feb 24

Logic App Consumption Deployment: The trigger ‘…’ of current version of workflo...

And yet another Logic App Consumption Deployment issue, and more to come! Like the previous posts, while trying to deploy an existing Logic App Consumption

By Sandro Pereira

Feb 23

Logic App Consumption Deployment: Deployment template validation failed: ‘The template para...

Like the previous post, while trying to deploy an existing Logic App Consumption thru Visual Studio 2019 in our development environment, I got the following

By Sandro Pereira

Feb 15

Logic App Consumption: Run after settings disabled and settings are missing

Today while developing an existing Logic App Consumption in Visual Studio 2019, yes, we still don't have support for Visual Studio 2022, I realized that for

By Sandro Pereira

Jan 18

Logic Apps Development Tips and Tricks episode at Kent Weare Youtube Channel

I had the pleasure of being invited a few weeks ago by my friend - and now Microsoft Principal Product Manager - Azure Logic Apps - Kent Weare to

By Sandro Pereira
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