Aug 1

Logic Apps (Standard) Data Mapper: Date and Time Functions (Part 1)

Overview Date and Time functions are used to perform a variety of operations over Dates, such as retrieving the current date and time or adding dates,

By Sandro Pereira

Jul 31

Logic App Consumption: Send Query Reports from Log Analytics Workspace

In this blog post and tutorial, what we pretend to do is to create a Logic App, in this case, a Logic App Consumption, that sends reports through Log

By Sandro Pereira

Jul 28

Logic Apps: How to process CSV files

One of the most ancient and common standards for message representation is using text files (Flat Files) like CSV (Comma Separated Values) or TXT files, many

By Sandro Pereira

Jul 27

Flat File Support inside Logic Apps

We live in a REST era where JSON or XML is our text-based format default choice of text-based formats and widespread use by major corporations However, one of

By Sandro Pereira

Jul 25

Logic Apps (Standard) Data Mapper: Conversion functions

Overview Conversion functions are used to convert values to specific times, such as conversions to DateTime, to integer, to a number, or to string If you

By Sandro Pereira

Jul 19

Logic Apps (Standard) Data Mapper: Basic Principles of Maps

What are maps In a general and abstract way, we can say that Data Mapper maps are graphical representations of XSLT 30 (Extensible Stylesheet Language

By Sandro Pereira

Jul 18

Logic Apps (Standard) Data Mapper: What is a Function Chain (video)

Function Chain What is a Function Chain And how that works inside the Data Mapper When we use more than one cascading function to perform a transformation

By Sandro Pereira

Jul 14

Data Mapper Tricks and Tips: Workaround to organize your functions (video)

Time to start another series of blog posts about Logic Apps: Data Mapper Tricks and Tips! Where I will address simple tips and tricks, we can apply to our

By Sandro Pereira

Jul 13

How to integrate RabbitMQ with Logic Apps (video)

Unfortunately, no Logic App connector can make the bridge to RabbitMQ, which makes this integration challenge a little bit more complicated However, we have

By Sandro Pereira

Jul 12

Logic Apps (Standard) Data Mapper: What is a function?

Logic Apps (Standard) Data Mapper supports complex structural transformations from records and fields (elements or attributes) in the source schema to records

By Sandro Pereira
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