May 1

Azure Logic Apps team is interested in your feedback – XML Support in Logic Apps Survey

And once again, the Logic App team wants to listen to our feedback! And this time, on the topic we all developers or consultants were anxiously waiting for,

By Sandro Pereira

Apr 14

Azure Function: Loopback API

If you come from BizTalk and have an integration background like me, you may remember that we had a Loopback Adapter in BizTalk Server The Loopback adapter

By Sandro Pereira

Apr 11

Logic Apps Consumption: How to get the Logic App error detail message guide

I have often been writing about how to handle exceptions and get the correct and detailed error message describing in an easy and clean matter the failures in

By Sandro Pereira

Mar 23

Logic Apps and DocuSign integration (Part II) – Archiving the signed document

In my last blog post - Logic Apps and DocuSign integration - I explain how you can create and dynamically populate a contract using an HTTP input and then use

By Sandro Pereira

Mar 22

Logic Apps and DocuSign integration

I've been wanting to explore the integration capabilities with DocuSign for some time now, but for some reason, I kept putting it off Or because I didn't have

By Sandro Pereira

Mar 20

A Comprehensive Guide For Logic Apps Standard REST APIs

Azure REST APIs are service endpoints that support sets of HTTP operations (methods), which provide create, retrieve, update, or delete access to all Azure

By Sandro Pereira

Mar 7

Using Logic Apps to interact with ChatGPT

ChatGPT, the AI chatbot that everyone is talking about it and to it!! But what is ChatGPT, and what is the importance of AI in the actual world

By Sandro Pereira

Mar 3

How to get the Error Message with Logic App Try-Catch (Part III) – Using a generic Logic App

A few months ago, I wrote two blog posts about How to get the Error Message with Logic App Try-Catch, which you can find it here: How to get the Error

By Sandro Pereira

Mar 1

Microsoft Integration Trends 2023 Webinar | March 2, 9 and 16 | Online

Just less than one day to go for the webinar series on accelerating BizTalk Server to Azure Integration Services migration! The first session will occur on

By Sandro Pereira

Feb 24

Logic App Consumption Deployment: The trigger ‘…’ of current version of workflo...

And yet another Logic App Consumption Deployment issue, and more to come! Like the previous posts, while trying to deploy an existing Logic App Consumption

By Sandro Pereira

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