Ensuring Proper Message Subscription in BizTalk Server

In certain scenarios, it’s not uncommon to face struggles that can be resolved with a simple approach. For example, when working with BizTalk Server and having already set up the receive and send ports, one might assume that when the receive port picks up a file from the receiving location, the file will be processed, and the output will be in the send location.

One crucial thing to remember is that having a send port set up and just because they belong to the same BizTalk Application does not automatically mean your message is being subscribed to. If your message isn’t subscribed to, it will not be processed correctly, and you will encounter an error message like this:

The published message could not be routed because no subscribers were found. First, you need to understand that everything that happens inside BizTalk Server relies on the core publishing-subscribing architecture of BizTalk Server. By saying that this error occurs if the subscribing orchestration or send port has not been enlisted, if some of the message properties necessary for subscription evaluation have not been promoted, or if you have not created/set a subscriber. We may need to use the Biztalk Administration console to troubleshoot this failure.

So how can you solve this problem?


For the basic stuff, prof-of concepts, or file routing, normally, this is quite simple:

  • Double-click on your Send Port
  • Click on Filters tab
  • On the Property column, select:
    • BTS.ReceivePortName
  • On the Operator column, select:
    •  ==
  • On the Value column, write:
    • The name of your Receive Port Name

This is the most used filter configuration for routing and subscribing messages in POC or file routing.

Now, once you place your file in the receive location, BizTalk will recognize a subscriber to the message on the send port, allowing it to process and route the message correctly.

Of course, this does not cover all the possible scenarios, but it can help you figure out why your message subscription is failing.

Remember, having a send port does not ensure that you have a subscriber to the message.

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Author: Luis Rigueira

Luis Rigueira is a Enterprise Integration Consultant at DevScope

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