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Posted: August 20, 2010  |  Categories: BAM BizTalk Tools

BAM Portal

The BAM portal provides real-time, end-to-end visibility into a business process. It is a Web-based feature that consists of a collection of ASP.NET pages. You can customize BAM to enhance the performance and experience for your users. It is installed as part of the BizTalk Server installation process and configured under the BAM Portal tab.

It can be installed on the same server as BizTalk or on a separate server that runs IIS dedicated to BAM and BAM tools (recommended), as long as that server is joined to the same BizTalk Server group.


BAM Management utility or “bm.exe” provides for end-to-end management and deploy of BAM

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BAM Add-in for Excel (Microsoft Office Excel)

Provides for the creation of observation models to be deployed to the BAM infrastructure, and the capabilities to consume BAM data within Excel via a data connection (known as “Live Workbooks”)

Tracking Profile Editor (TPE)

Is a graphical user interface to help developers create new tracking profiles or modify existing tracking profiles that map a specific view of internal business processes, as well as associated data, to an orchestration.

It is installed as part of the BizTalk Server installation process and configured under the BAM Portal tab.

Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server

WSS may be integrated with BAM and the BAM data stores by serving as a portal mechanism to display BAM data or by using MOSS dashboard and portal to display KPIs from the BAM API (views).

Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services

Reporting Services may be integrated with BAM and the BAM Primary Import database to build reports against the data stored with BAM.

Other tools

  • Orchestration Designer for Business Analysts: may also be used to define BAM activities and business process.
  • Visual Studio: Serves the means to create interceptor configuration (IC) files.
  • MS PerformancePoint Server: used to host dashboards and scorecards.
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