May 29

Fixing “Target Principal Name is Incorrect” SQL connection error while trying to vali...

I'm going to start quoting Sandro: "Sometimes the life of a developer is a nightmare, hehe" But it is also fun once you find the solution So, on one of

By Luis Rigueira

Apr 24

There was a failure executing the send pipeline: Microsoft.BizTalk.DefaultPipelines.XMLTransmit, ...

I wrote this issue many years ago in this blog post, and I'm revisiting it to add more information about it because today I got the same error while trying to

By Sandro Pereira

Apr 18

BizTalk Server WCF-SQL: The certificate chain was issued by an authority that is not trusted.

Today, while trying to generate a new WCF-SQL Schema from Visual Studio, we got the following error: Connecting to the LOB system has failed  A

By Sandro Pereira

Apr 9

BizTalk WCF-SQL Adapter Error: Retrieval of Operation Metadata has failed while building WSDL at ...

Following yesterday's blog post, on the same note, when we tried to generate a WCF-SQL stored procedure schema for a new BizTalk Server solution, we got the

By Sandro Pereira

Apr 8

BizTalk WCF-SQL Adapter Error: Retrieval of Operation Metadata has failed while building WSDL at ...

Today while importing/generating a WCF-SQL schema for a new BizTalk Server solution, we got the following error inside Visual Studio: Error while

By Sandro Pereira

Mar 15

PowerShell script to identify all SQL V1 actions and triggers inside Logic Apps Consumption

A few days ago, Luis Rigueira created a Kusto query to identify all Logic Apps Consumptions that use SQL V1 actions and triggers that will soon be deprecated

By Sandro Pereira

Mar 14

Logic Apps Consumption SQL Connector version 1 Actions/Triggers will be deprecated!

Microsoft has announced that Version 1 Actions/Triggers of the SQL Connector for Logic Apps will be deprecated by the end of March 2024 In response, we have

By Luis Rigueira

Sep 21

SQL Script to monitor BizTalk Server SQL Jobs

For those who've been following my work, you might recall that I shared a set of PowerShell scripts a while back for monitoring BizTalk Server One of these

By Sandro Pereira

Jun 23

A fish out of water: How to check what SSIS packages are running and stop them?

You may already know that I usually use the series A fish out of water when I want to write something that goes a little bit off-topic on my main blog

By Sandro Pereira

Nov 7

BizTalk Server monitoring: View Count of BizTalk Instances Suspended (Non-Resumable)

As service instances (receive ports, orchestrations, send ports) process messages moving through BizTalk Server, these service instances can be in one of

By Sandro Pereira

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