Jan 5

Notes From The Road: 2022 Year In Review

2022 back to normality! Yes and no, nothing will be the same as it was before the COVID-19 pandemic The pandemic brought many bad things that we all know, but

By Sandro Pereira

Jan 3

Notes From The Road: 2021 Year In Review

2021 wasn't the year we all desire to be, COVID-19 pandemic is still present, but overall it was a good year for my family and me We manage to be safe and

By Sandro Pereira

Jan 6

Notes From The Road: 2020 Year In Review

I sincerely believe that humankind has faced worse years than in 2020 Nevertheless, this was probably the most challenging, exhausting, and difficult year of

By Sandro Pereira

Jan 9

Notes From The Road: 2019 Year In Review

2019 was a very challenging year Nevertheless, it was another great year both on a personal and professional level, if last year I described as

By Sandro Pereira

Apr 4

Feeling Special, feeling proud, feeling honored…

Today I'm going to write about a different topic, we can say that is related to technology but not exactly a technical blog post And no, I'm not feeling

By Sandro Pereira

Feb 21

Welcome to my “new” blog… same content but I hope with better quality and user ...

“The risk of changing the name of something people have grown to know and love is too big For others, the risk of being boxed into something they no longer

By Sandro Pereira

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