Apr 19

Friday Fact: Response Connector Do Not Perform A Schema Validation At Runtime: Workaround!

When you need to perform a schema validation in runtime while using the trigger, When a HTTP request is received, Logic Apps gift us the possibility to

By Luis Rigueira

Apr 12

Friday Fact: It is possible to create an XML first-class experience inside Logic Apps.

By default, Logic Apps provides a good first-class experience for JSON, that means when we receive a JSON message, we can tokenize the elements by using a

By Sandro Pereira

Mar 22

Friday Fact: Existing Logic Apps with Service Bus trigger using peek lock cannot be changed from ...

Azure Service Bus stands out in cloud-based messaging services as a reliable and scalable solution that facilitates asynchronous communication between

By Diogo Formosinho

Mar 15

Friday (funny) Fact: There is no size limit for the Logic App parameter name

In Azure Logic Apps, you can abstract values that might change in workflows across development, test, and production environments by defining parameters

By Sandro Pereira

Mar 8

Friday Fact: Logic Apps don’t interpret escaped characters as plain text, even inside a str...

In the realm of Logic Apps, the treatment of escaped characters differs from handling plain text Let's look into a scenario were understanding special

By Luis Rigueira

Mar 1

Friday Fact: When a HTTP Request is Received trigger can accept more http methods other than POST

Diving into Logic Apps, it's a common oversight to assume that only POST requests can be use when using the "When a HTTP request is received" trigger However,

By Luis Rigueira

Feb 23

Friday Fact: Parallel branching in Logic Apps enables asynchronous execution of multiple tasks si...

Parallel branching is a concept utilized in various workflow automation systems, including Logic Apps, to enhance the efficiency and flexibility of task

By Luis Rigueira

Feb 16

Friday Fact: XML to JSON Conversion in API Management and Logic Apps have different behaviors

I don't know the reason why two products from the same family - Azure Integration Services - have completely different behaviors while converting XML to JSON,

By Sandro Pereira

Feb 9

Friday Fact: Implementing error handling in essential business processes is vital. Logic App is n...

Once again, Logic Apps are a powerful tool for automating workflows and orchestrating processes seamlessly And in the world of Logic App development, where

By Diogo Formosinho

Feb 2

Friday Fact: Trigger Conditions Can Help You Optimize Workflows and Conserve Resources

Logic Apps are a powerful tool for automating workflows and orchestrating processes seamlessly One of the key features that add finesse to your Logic App

By Luis Rigueira

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