Mar 22

Friday Fact: Existing Logic Apps with Service Bus trigger using peek lock cannot be changed from ...

Azure Service Bus stands out in cloud-based messaging services as a reliable and scalable solution that facilitates asynchronous communication between

By Diogo Formosinho

Feb 23

Friday Fact: Parallel branching in Logic Apps enables asynchronous execution of multiple tasks si...

Parallel branching is a concept utilized in various workflow automation systems, including Logic Apps, to enhance the efficiency and flexibility of task

By Luis Rigueira

Feb 9

Friday Fact: Implementing error handling in essential business processes is vital. Logic App is n...

Once again, Logic Apps are a powerful tool for automating workflows and orchestrating processes seamlessly And in the world of Logic App development, where

By Diogo Formosinho

Sep 6

Error Handling inside Azure Logic Apps (video)

Azure Logic App (Consumption) is one of the most used integration services for orchestrating critical workflows, and an error in it would essentially affect

By Sandro Pereira

Aug 10

Logic Apps (Standard) Data Mapper: Math (or Mathematical) Functions (Part 2)

Because the Math (or Mathematical) functions category has too many functions, I decide to break this blog post into different parts, so welcome to the second

By Sandro Pereira

Aug 9

Logic Apps (Standard) Data Mapper: Math (or Mathematical) Functions (Part 1)

Overview Math (or Mathematical) functions are used to perform a variety of mathematical and scientific operations, such as addition and multiplication

By Sandro Pereira

Jul 25

Logic Apps (Standard) Data Mapper: Conversion functions

Overview Conversion functions are used to convert values to specific times, such as conversions to DateTime, to integer, to a number, or to string If you

By Sandro Pereira

Jul 13

How to integrate RabbitMQ with Logic Apps (video)

Unfortunately, no Logic App connector can make the bridge to RabbitMQ, which makes this integration challenge a little bit more complicated However, we have

By Sandro Pereira

Jul 12

Logic Apps (Standard) Data Mapper: What is a function?

Logic Apps (Standard) Data Mapper supports complex structural transformations from records and fields (elements or attributes) in the source schema to records

By Sandro Pereira

Jun 21

Logic App Standard error calling Transform using Data Mapper XSLT action: undefined. undefined

I have been testing Data Mapper for almost maybe 4 months since the first private previews Still, I have usually tried the Data Mapper capabilities and not

By Sandro Pereira

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