Friday Fact: Consistency in Logic App Trigger Names Ensures Successful Resubmissions

Today we bring you a simple Friday Fact, but an important one when it comes to testing your Logic Apps on Azure Portal.

Once your logic app design is finalized and you successfully perform a run with everything going smoothly, it’s a good indicator that everything is functioning as expected.

However, imagine you decide to change the Logic App trigger name later on.

If you attempt to resubmit an old run, you might encounter the following error:

Failed to resubmit logic app 'YOUR_LOGIC_APP_NAME'. The workflow 'YOUR_WORKFLOW_NAME' trigger 'YOUR_TRIGGER_NAME' could not be found.

Off course you can still send a request via Postman, or let your Logic App trigger, if said trigger, triggers on his own, (no pun intended) and proceed from there. However, attempting to resubmit an old run with the previous trigger name will result in the Logic App failing to start.

Interestingly, you can change your entire Logic App design, as long as you keep the trigger name intact you can resubmit an old run without encountering any issues.

This leads us to an important key phrase:

“Start using proper names from day one!”

To lazy to read? We’ve got you covered! Check out our video version of this content!

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Hope you have enjoyed this Friday Fact and we will see you in the next one.

Author: Luis Rigueira

Luis Rigueira is a Enterprise Integration Consultant at DevScope

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