BizTalk Server WCF-WebHTTP Receive Location: 413 Request Entity Too Large

We published a REST web service in BizTalk Server a long time ago that exposes a BizTalk Server Orchestration. Basically, we receive a JSON payload, convert it to XML on the receive pipeline, and apply some logic. If everything goes well, we had this message in a queue to be processed and delivered to an internal system. And this has been working fine until recently the business reported that a few cases were getting stuck on the source system with the following error message:

413 Request Entity Too Large

The above picture was a test we did using Postman with a sample message that was failing on the source system to validate if the problem was related to BizTalk Server. And in this case, it was.

You should always try and validate if the error is a BizTalk Server issue or not, and only then try to solve the problem. Because most of the time, the business tries to blame the middleware system and a lot of times are other components that are failing.


Based on the HTTP status 413 and error description is easy to understand that the server is refusing to process a request because the request payload is larger than the server is willing or able to process.

The most complex part is understanding where and what properties to change to solve these issues. Some solutions that you will find on the internet will tell you that the quickest and easy solution is to increase the upload size limit on IIS: uploadReadAheadSize property.

Others will tell you to put a maxRequestLength in the system.web to allow, for example, 2MB message size. Or add a binding section on the config and set maxReceivedMessageSize and readerQuotas.

And all of these options, at some point, make sense. The service is running in IIS as a web application and indeed has a web.config, So, that should be, in theory, the first place to look and tunning. But none of these solutions will solve the problem.

Note: This doesn’t mean that for specific scenarios, these will be helpful.


To solve once and for all this issue you need to:

  • On the BizTalk Server Administration Console, access to the WCF-WebHTTP Received Location bindeed to this service that is having issues.
  • On the Receive Location properties window, select Configure..
  • On the WCF-WebHTTP Transport Properties, select the Binding tab
  • And incrise the Maximum received message size (bytes) property
    • The default value is 65,536 bytes
  • Select OK twice.
Author: Sandro Pereira

Sandro Pereira lives in Portugal and works as a consultant at DevScope. In the past years, he has been working on implementing Integration scenarios both on-premises and cloud for various clients, each with different scenarios from a technical point of view, size, and criticality, using Microsoft Azure, Microsoft BizTalk Server and different technologies like AS2, EDI, RosettaNet, SAP, TIBCO etc. He is a regular blogger, international speaker, and technical reviewer of several BizTalk books all focused on Integration. He is also the author of the book “BizTalk Mapping Patterns & Best Practices”. He has been awarded MVP since 2011 for his contributions to the integration community.

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