Jun 20

BizTalk Visual Studio Compile Error: The operation could not be completed. The parameter is incor...

Always funny returning to an old BizTalk Server solution I did in the past! Today while modifying an existing solution for the first time in 3 years! - you

By Sandro Pereira

Jul 27

Demystify Invalid type name error on BizTalk Schemas (Part II)

In the last post, we try to demystify the reason and cause of the error: Invalid type name The root node type has to be a valid C# identifier when you are

By Sandro Pereira

Jul 26

Demystify Invalid type name error on BizTalk Schemas (Part I)

A few days ago, while trying to compile a BizTalk Server solution I got the following error: Invalid type name The root node type has to be a valid C#

By Sandro Pereira

Jul 3

BizTalk Schema Problems: The type or namespace name ‘SerializableAttributeAttribute’ ...

An error never comes alone When an error appears, it always appears two or three, and I still have thousands to published, but this one made me crazy for a

By Sandro Pereira

Jul 25

The file ‘…’ cannot be copied to the run directory. The process cannot access the fil...

I've been working on a BizTalk Server 2004 project that had (not anymore) between 6 or 8 visual studio solutions each one with a BizTalk Project inside After

By Sandro Pereira

Jul 15

Cannot generate serialization assembly {AssemblyName}.XmlSerializers.dll because it already exist...

For some reason after having migrated a BizTalk 2006/Visual Studio 2005 solution to BizTalk 2010/VS 2010 using Visual Studio Conversion Wizard, I got the

By Sandro Pereira

Apr 29

Multi-Part message – “use of unconstructed message ” – Error message when...

Sometimes when we try to build or deploy BizTalk solution, you may get the following error message: “Use of Unconstructed Message 'MessageName'” I

By Sandro Pereira
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