May 7

Decoding Logic App Dilemmas: Using Event Grid to detect deleted files from Storage Account and tr...

Welcome again to another Decoding Logic App Dilemmas: Solutions for Seamless Integration! This time, we start this document by saying that, unfortunately, the

By Luis Rigueira

May 4

Logic App Consumption: How to set an API connection to use Logic Apps Managed Identity inside Vis...

Recently, we had a requirement to put some files into a storage account, and to do that, for security reasons, we had to use Logic Apps Managed Identity to

By Sandro Pereira

May 3

Friday Fact: Logic App Consumption and Standard name have different size limits and restrictions

Depending on the Logic App type you are using, Logic App Standard or Logic App Consumption, you will notice that each of them has different name size

By Sandro Pereira

Apr 30

Logic App Consumption Deployment Error: Get-AzResourceGroup Method get_SerializationSettings in t...

Sometimes the life of a developer is a nightmare, hehe Have done this several times, and all are working, but this week, on a new developer machine, while we

By Sandro Pereira

Apr 17

Logic App Transformation Error: InvalidXml. The XML validation failed. Data at the root level is ...

In this saga of Errors and Warnings, Causes, and Solutions in Azure - if you follow me, you know that this is one of my favorite topics - I got a fancy one If

By Sandro Pereira

Apr 16

API Management Terraform deployment error: A resource with the ID already exists

Following my last blog post: API Management Terraform deployment error: The user, group or application ‘does not have secrets get permission on key vault

By Sandro Pereira

Apr 15

API Management Terraform deployment error: The user, group or application ‘does not have se...

Last week, I got, once again, the following error while trying to deploy an API on API Management using a Terraform Visual Studio project: Error: making

By Sandro Pereira

Apr 12

Friday Fact: It is possible to create an XML first-class experience inside Logic Apps.

By default, Logic Apps provides a good first-class experience for JSON, that means when we receive a JSON message, we can tokenize the elements by using a

By Sandro Pereira

Apr 11

Deleting A Logic App Without Log Analytics Configured? Export Run Details For Preservation And A...

Sometimes, companies face the need to delete important Logic Apps but need to retain detailed information about their runs Especially when Log Analytics isn't

By Luis Rigueira

Apr 10

Logic App Consumption Visual Studio Deployment: Establishing connection with the service failed w...

This week while trying to deploy a Logic App Consumption project to the DEV environment using Visual Studio 2019 deployment, I kept getting the following

By Sandro Pereira

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