Jun 5

BizTalk Training – Mapping – Grouping elements from different messages in BizTalk Maps

Ok, this will be my third mapping problem published and I can tell that it will not be the last… First of all let me tell you that for me there is no

By Sandro Pereira

Oct 28

BizTalk Training – Mapping – Muenchian Grouping and Sorting in BizTalk Maps without l...

There is an astonishing post by Chris Romp about Muenchian Grouping and Sorting in BizTalk Maps, but it has one limitation, by creating and configuring Custom

By Sandro Pereira

Sep 14

BizTalk Advanced Mapping Tips – Inline XSLT – Selecting distinct nodes (grouping)

One of the more challenging things to do in XSL 10 was getting a distinct list of values from a set of nodes There is no simple syntax for writing this type

By Sandro Pereira

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