BizTalk Server 2016: step by step Logic App adapter installation guide

My latest BizTalk Server whitepaper has been published: “BizTalk Server 2016: step by step Logic App adapter installation guide” and I’m thrilled! I am currently doing many hybrid integrations, leveraging the capabilities of BizTalk Server and Logic Apps to meet the needs/requirements of my clients/projects. Some of these projects began initially to be completely on-premises,… Read More »

Notes From The Road: 2018 Year In Review

Last year I didn’t have the opportunity to deliver 16 sessions across the world like 2017 because I had to slow down my trips, or I didn’t participate as I would or did in the past in some communities and I don’t regret a single second. If I have to describe 2018 in a single… Read More »

BizTalk Server 2016 Feature Pack 1: How to publish BizTalk operational data on Power BI – Step-by-step configuration (Part 1)

Recently, the product team released a first feature pack for BizTalk Server 2016 (only available for Enterprise and Developer edition) and I am trying all these features and at the same time trying to help a little Microsoft BizTalk team improving their documentation, special regarding to these new features that appear with BizTalk Server 2016… Read More »


BizTalk Server Resources eBook Most Popular Downloaded Book BizTalk Mapping Patterns and Best Practices The BizTalk Mapping Patterns and Best Practices book is a reference guide mainly intended for BizTalk developers to make their day-to-day lives easier. A 400-page recipe for BizTalk Developers to develop effective, robust, and organized maps. The book offers insights on… Read More »

Installing BizTalk Server 2013 R2 in a Basic Multi-Computer Environment (User Guide)

Finally, something that many community members have been requesting me to publish it here! I already made this manual several months ago, however, for several reasons (speaking engagements, publishing other content and so on) I have been delaying its publication. But I have offered this same guide to all my customers. There are many things… Read More »

Oporto BizTalk Innovation Day – The Story

Around 45 attendees, from 19 companies across 8 countries, some companies were Microsoft partners who brought their BizTalk consultants other were customers and/or possible customers, 5 Microsoft Integration MVP’s present and 1 member of Microsoft BizTalk Product group and 3 Sponsors (DevScope, Codit and Microsoft Portugal) these are some of the numbers that reflect the… Read More »

Training Resources for BizTalk Developers and BizTalk Administrators available on Microsoft TechNet Wiki

Sometimes people want to start learning BizTalk and don’t know where to start and it is very normal to see a lot of people asking this question, which leads me to always be looking for this information. To be honest, it is more usual people asking “How can I learn to be a BizTalk Developer” than… Read More »

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