Mar 4

Oporto City is ready to receive Oporto BizTalk Innovation Day – 14th March 2013 – Oporto, P...

First of all, I would like to thank Porto Convention Bureau for kindly given us the venue for the event The event will take place in Casa do Infante (Ribeira

By Sandro Pereira

Feb 28

Oporto BizTalk Innovation Day | 14th March 2013 – Oporto, Portugal – BizTalk Product Team will be...

Exciting news for all the BizTalk Community! Once again you will be able to interact with BizTalk Product Team, this time in Oporto BizTalk Innovation

By Sandro Pereira

Feb 16

Oporto BizTalk Innovation Day | 14th March 2013 – Oporto, Portugal – Registration process is open

We are really excited to announce that all the arrangements for Oporto BizTalk Innovation Day have been finalized and the registration process is finally

By Sandro Pereira

Feb 11

Oporto BizTalk Innovation Day will take place in Casa do Infante (14th March 2013 – Oporto, Portu...

We’re still finalizing some of the arrangements (site and registration process), but today me and the team behind the preparation of this event, we visited

By Sandro Pereira

Jan 25

Exclusive Pre-announcement: Oporto BizTalk Innovation Day (14th March 2013 – Oporto, Portugal)

I’m delighted to pre-announce that BizTalk innovation Event is coming to Portugal! The event is called “Oporto BizTalk Innovation Day” and will take

By Sandro Pereira

Jan 20

BizTalk Summit 2013 London – The story

128 attendees, more than 70 different companies across 16 countries (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, India, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway,

By Sandro Pereira

Nov 22

BizTalk Summit 2013 – London | 16th January 2013 – London, England

After conducting this event across various major European cities: Amsterdam (Netherland), Milan (Italy), and Stavanger (Norway) since Feb 2011, it is really

By Sandro Pereira

Oct 11

Bouvet BizTalk Innovation Event – The story

Last month I held a presentation at the Bouvet BizTalk Innovation Event (26 - 27 September) along with fellow MVPs: Steef-Jan Wiggers, Nino Crudele, Saravana

By Sandro Pereira

Aug 2

Bouvet BizTalk Innovation Event 2012 | September 26 and 27, 2012 – Stavanger, Norway

After the Netherland and Italy, It’s now the time for Norway to receive the BizTalk Innovation event Together with Steef-Jan Wiggers, Nino Crudele,

By Sandro Pereira

Jul 6

Windows Azure Service Bus EAI/EDI: My speaking engagements summary and resources

In the last couple of months I’ve been busy participating in several national and international events talking about Azure Service Bus EAI/EDI services, or

By Sandro Pereira

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